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A somewhat entrepreneurial farmer, John Samuel “Sam” Davies was a man of big ideas. Born and raised on the family property ‘Windmill’, Sam Davies worked tirelessly between the family’s two farming concerns in the Hunter Valley and on the Liverpool Plains. While working on the “Avondale” property located in Carroll, Sam realised that there was growth in cotton in the area, and identified the opportunity for a cotton gin.

In 1995 Sam set off to the cotton heartland of Texas USA to buy ginning equipment, and by April of 1996 Carroll Cotton Company produced its first cotton bale with three gin stands in place.

Unfortunately it wasn’t long after Sam returned from the States that tragedy befell the family, and Sam passed away unexpectedly before realising his dream. No stranger to the land herself, Sam’s wife Kate (Catherine) held Sam’s vision, and supported a Manager to help her with the two properties, which she continued to run until 1999.

Like his father, Scott Davies had a passion for the land, and after leaving school he pursued his passion for viticulture, working in the NSW Hunter Valley, Central West and America. Finally in 2007 he moved his wife Trudy, and the first of their three children to Avondale to become involved in his late father’s business legacy. 

In 1999 the gin’s fourth stand was added to the original three, increasing the gin’s capacity by a full third, and in 2002 a new press and Janglo bale tying machine were installed, enabling the company to produce high density bales.

In staying abreast of the industry and intent on providing every possible process to suit the region’s growers, the gin was modified again in 2011 enabling it to accept its first round modules.

Plastic strapping was introduced in 2012, and the bale pad area was doubled in size to accommodate the rapidly growing business. A major plant expansion was undertaken in 2012 and it was in that year that the company ginned its 500,000th bale.

Carroll Cotton Company  has a proud and fierce history of innovation, dedication and determination, and now 100% owners of the company, Scott and Trudy continue to operate the highly successful ginning operation.

The Carroll Cotton Company team & employment

Carroll Cotton Company  maintains a permanent workforce of highly experienced and skilled ginners and maintenance crew throughout the year to ensure that our stringent plant maintenance and development programs continue to progress. During production our staff triples as we employ a seasonal workforce (typically from April to August) with recruitment occurring in late March. The Carroll Cotton team has great depth of knowledge and experience, and offers a friendly, professional, and reliable solution to all our cotton growers.

Cotton is the world’s favourite natural fibre

Cotton farmers are one of Australia’s most valuable assets. Renowned for its versatility, performance and natural comfort, consumers love this natural fibre so much that as a major commodity, cotton accounts for 40% of the world’s fibre production. Domestically it also represents up to 60 percent of the gross value of all agricultural production in regions where it is grown.

Australia has an enviable reputation on the world market as a reliable supplier of very high quality cotton, and can command a premium price for this reason. 

“Varieties from CSIRO’s cotton plant breeding program has improved yield, High Volume Instrument (HVI) classing quality and are showing superior textile performance attributes.” (Source: Cotton Conference Paper, Michael Bange and Robert Long, 2012)

Although Australia only produces approximately 3% of the world’s cotton, it is the third largest exporter of cotton, and one of Australia’s largest rural export earners - supporting the viability of more than 152 rural communities. 

Australia’s cotton industry – it’s efficient, dynamic, tough, technologically advanced and community-minded, and an industry recognised and valued for its contribution to the world’s fibre and food needs.

For all your ginning, mote and cottonseed marketing needs, please contact 
Carroll Cotton Company  today on (02) 6744 5282.


"My first contact with the family owned Carroll Cotton Company was six years ago when our business grew cotton for the first time. The advice and guidance we have received from Scott Davies has proven invaluable and enlightening. Starting out 20 years ago in the cotton ginning business must have been testing. As the years have passed Carroll Cotton Company  has matured into a well-respected and successful family enterprise. This has occurred through perseverance and endeavor by the Davis family and has developed into being the only independent family owned Cotton Gin on Australia’s eastern seaboard. Scott, along with his wife and mother has consolidated their business over two decades. Family values and hard work have consolidated this ginning operation into its present form. It is my pleasure to be associated with the Carroll Cotton Gin on a business level and a delight to know Scott as a person. May their success continue."
- Gordon Brownhill (Director Merrilong Pastoral Company)

Carroll Cotton Company  has ginned our cotton for many years, they really look after your cotton and try hard to get the best result for the grower. The gin is big enough to have all of the latest technology to gently gin our cotton, whilst they are small enough to take the personal interest in our cotton and what we want as the customer. Carroll Cotton Company  has always been pro-active when they are ginning our cotton, consulting with me on how we can achieve a better result with the cotton I have delivered. Their “Custom Ginning” has provided value to me as the grower and has kept my customers happy with the cotton we deliver overseas.”
- John and Nicole Hamparsum – Drayton


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